Monday, October 5, 2015

                                           This painting has progressed since I took the
                                           picture. Part of a trees series. I have used lots
                                           of medium ( modelling paste) collage, and glazing
                                           to create sense of depth in otherwise flatly modelled
                                           branches. Layers of colour have been added.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

                                     This is an example of a piece in mid-production, early
                                     stages of the mixed-media/ collage process. Up to this
                                     point there was planning, from here on its automatic and
                                     spontaneous reaction to each mark, so who knows where
                                     will end up. Come to the Tour in 2 weeks and find out!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

                           This painting is based on a beautiful stained glass my wife and
                           I saw in a beautiful church in the mountains near Tepoztlan, Morelos
                           Mexico. It's blocked in and 50% complete.

                          This is a picture of my studio - yes a bit cluttered and messy but
                          that's the price of creativity!

                             Our annual Stouffville Studio Tour is fast approaching.
                             All 31 artists are busy finishing up, framing, cleaning
                             their studios, etc. This painting ( 24 x 36) will be on
                             display ( sans the glare!) I will have about 50 works on
                             the walls. I have about 12 in finishing stages as I post
                             this. In the coming days I'll post some. Hope to see those
                             of you nearby.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

                                        As mentioned earlier I just completed a fairly big
                                        commission that was successful. My wife Susan and
                                        I like to hike in the York Region Forest, in particular
                                        the Eldred King Trails. One gloomy morning we
                                       struck out, and as we approached the pond the sun
                                        and subsequently, a painting, broke out. Lots of work
                                        required when just about everything is green. This
                                        piece was part of the aforementioned commission.